• Compact portable model, which can be used for regular production as well as in R & D Dept.
  • Can be used in liquid, tablet etc. dept.
  • Can be used in plastic, aluminum, pet containers etc.
  • Change over time – 10 minutes maximum.
  • Maintenance free
  • Immediate pay back saving in manpower.
  • Entire labeling area is covered with uniform gum application with minimum gum consumption.
  • Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetic, Food & Beverage & many more.
Gun Labelling

Technical Specifications

Model KSD-LB-40
*Output 5 to 40 Container / Minute.
**Container Size Ø 27 mm to Ø 150 mm
Height 35mm to 270 mm
(Suitable for long/short neck, e.g. brut shape bottle).
Gum For glass bottles – gum grade must be high quality.
Type of container Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Pet etc.
Label size Width: 25mm to 160 mm
Length: 70 mm to 325 mm
Motor 0.5 HP / 3 Ph.
* Depending upon container / bottle size, label size and operator skill.
** Container must be round only.